Why not just use Microsoft?” That client question kicked off a research project to understand what the new M365 Purview Records Management modules delivered and what limits my global corporate clients might need to work around. My July blog sparked an expanded research engagement and the much-revised Microsoft 365: Information Governance in Place white paper. Before you download (free/no ID paywall), please be aware that Microsoft has stated that it contains inaccuracies and perspectives that they disagree with. The M365 platform and Purview modules are complicated and rapidly evolving, so I am sure that I have missed alternative solution approaches or documentation updates in my research cycle.

So why publish something that might contain inaccuracies?

As a market analyst I have written a lot of content that providers disagreed with. I prefer to get actionable feedback from them before I publish so that I can produce the best quality publication possible. Microsoft initially did not feel that they owed me more than “You’re just wrong.” I did a careful editorial pass, added source links and publicly solicited peer reviews.  The feedback from 15 peers improved the paper, mostly by making me clearly define the large enterprise usage scenario. Some had already encountered the limits and issues detailed in the paper.

One of my peers passed that version to someone at Microsoft too far up the ladder to be reviewing my little white paper. That got me some good high-level feedback on the market positioning for the current version, but not the highlights or links pointing me at the paper’s technical errors. I have faith that those will appear and I will happily publish them.

LegalWeek is next week. I have multiple meetings with Microsoft partners, potential clients and peers who all want to talk M365. So, I am keeping to my publication schedule and will update the paper as needed. If you are looking to expand your use of M365 to manage retention and records I hope that you will find the short paper helpful.

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Greg’s blog perspectives are personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a professional judgment or advice. Greg is no longer a full time journalist and all perspectives are based on best public information. Blog content is neither approved nor reviewed by any providers prior to being published. Do you want to share your own perspective? Greg is looking for practical, professional informative perspectives free of marketing fluff, hidden agendas or personal/product bias. Outside blogs will clearly indicate the author, company and any relevant affiliations. 


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