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Predictive Coding Technologies and Protocols: Fall 2020 Survey

Author: Rob Robinson – ComplexDiscovery.com

…This is the fifth semi-annual Predictive Coding Technologies and Protocols Survey conducted by ComplexDiscovery. The initial four surveys provided detailed feedback from more than 230 legal, business, and technology professionals on the use of specific machine learning technologies in predictive coding and also highlighted the usage of those machine learning technologies as part of example technology-assisted review protocols…
…the fall 2020 survey includes one new question on the prevalence of predictive coding usage as part of eDiscovery workflows…<

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Editor Comment:

Take Rob Robinson’s 5th survey on PC adoption. My recent engagements have had me elbow deep leveraging analytics and supporting retained counsel in the relevance hunt, so I answered Rob’s five questions this year. PC/TAR systems, models, workflows and usage cases have gotten COMPLICATED. Complicated enough that Rob has complied a background list of definitions for the many different shades of machine learning. I have to admit that there were several subtle variations created by marketing gurus trying to differentiate their own secret sauce offerings that I had never heard of. So take his survey and read his complied PC terminology list. I would be most interested to hear if users can actually pair up their solutions with the clustering technologies/workflows.

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