The Omicron @LegalWeek push back and my diving vacation killed my packed February briefing schedule. Fourteen days out I responded to a fresh batch of briefing/speaking requests and pinged some of my favorite folks to see if I could piece it back togeth

er. Grateful that less that 24 hours later my show calendar is filling up. I hope that your time in NY will be similarly productive. Please join us at the Thursday 11am panel on “Protecting Client Data & Keeping Pace With State, National, and International Privacy Law.” I hope that I remember how to do a live panel after such a long enforced hiatus.

What are you looking for from LegalWeek? My goal is to connect with as many old and new #eDiscovery and #Infogov peers as possible after our years of pandemic isolation. So flag me down if you see me sprinting between appointments or check my availability calendar and send me an invite if you want to meet up.

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