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Archivists Are Mining Parler Metadata to Pinpoint Crimes at the Capitol

Author: Jason Koebler/Joseph Cox - VICE

… The technologist said that, to at least some extent, since this data shows the use of Parler during the Capitol raid attempt, "that's a piece of the overall puzzle which someone, somewhere can use. It's definitely to help facilitate or otherwise create another exposure that the public can consume," they added, explaining their motivations for cleaning the Parler data…
… Others who have managed to get their hands on the Parler data have begun to make lists of videos and photos that have GPS coordinates on Capitol Hill, and have written scripts to pull those videos from the broader dump so people can analyze them…
… One open source project calling itself Parler Analysis has collected different tools from around the web to handle the data in different ways. One is used to scrape usernames, for example, while another is for extracting images and videos, and yet another is an alternative cleaned dataset of cleaned Parler geolocation coordinates in a different format…

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Editor Comment:

We all want to step up and do something to help our country. If you have access to public or private analytics that can take the extracts from Parler Analysis group or the raw cleaned data from the Archive Team who downloaded it, step up and show the world how your tech and expertise can be used for the common good. Here is another good interview with the white hat hacker who did the Parler scrape. I believe that some eDiscovery technology is worlds ahead in building the kind of evidence collections that the DOJ needs right now. We know how to extract entities to build target profiles. How to aggregate past posts and present them with clusters and timelines. Do this and I will happily write up a full interview and deep dive into how your solution benefits civil discovery in gratitude.

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