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Exterro Announces Launch of Groundbreaking Data Source Discovery™ Solution

Author: Exterro

…allows Legal teams to easily obtain a comprehensive list of data sources, automatically and without the need to involve IT…
…Detailing the most important aspects of the data, such as identification by custodian or specific source via integration with Exterro Data Inventory and Exterro File Analysis…

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Editor Comment:

Back in 2004, Exterro and PSS Atlas were the only COTS data map solutions in the eDiscovery market. For decades they have relied on data source owners to enter or update the record entries. I have helped clients build scheduled imports from IT asset and other systems. I have no idea how these two products have survived 16 years without the ability to scan a network environment for connected systems and hardware. They may have waited too long given how most enterprise data management and security platforms already have network monitoring features. The real question is whether the integrations with legal holds and collections will be worth the module price.

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