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The Real Problem With Going Back to the Office

Author: Travis Hubbard

...We have traveled as required to meet with out of town customers and partners. We have worked more productive hours per week that we would have if we were commuting to the office.
We are told that we are just as effective working remote as we were when we were all together.
But we have to go back now, and that means everyone.
Because some people don’t have anything to do. Namely, those whose job it is to hand out assignments and report to their superiors that we Trogs have indeed shown up for work today and are in our cubes dutifully pecking away on our keyboards and talking on headsets.
“No”, she said, “stand your ground.”...

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Editor Comment:

Love the first-person perspective on being ordered back to work. “No.” Hubbard also lays out a pretty good set of requirements for companies to keep remote work sustainable. The key seems to be building and keeping open communications going between management and remote professionals.

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