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The General Counsel Report 2021

Author: Today’s General Counsel - FTI/Relativity

… One of the most notable emerging risks GCs encounter and feel ill-prepared to navigate is the impact of emerging data sources on e-discovery, investigations and regulatory compliance…
…A clear driver in the corporate legal team’s outsourcing decision-making process is specialized expertise and a high quality of work, especially for matters that exceed their department’s core capabilities and scalability. “Specialized knowledge is the number one driver,” said one GC…
…On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, respondents gave an average rating of 4.3 to the importance of ease of use when purchasing legal software. Usability is key given that 32 percent of legal teams use more than six unique tools as part of their technology stack. “Ease of use is the most critical determinant of the factors we use in the software selection process,” said one GC…

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Editor Comment:

I miss conducting interviews and building statistics to quantify aspects of the eDiscovery Market. At least Ari Kaplan has done a good job conducting 31 interviews with Fortune 1000 GC’s for us. Most of his results and good quotes resonate with what I have heard from clients/peers over the last year. Corporate legal taking more in house with less resources. Investing in technology, but needing that technology to be usable/practical.

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