eDiscoveryToday’s Doug Austin shared his LegalWeek and eDiscovery market impressions after his annual post show series of eDiscovery luminary quotes. We discussed how LegalTech transformed into LegalWeek and what that means for exhibitors and attendees.

Walking the exhibit floor:

  • Busiest booth traffic seen since exhibit hall was free
  • There was consistent floor traffic on most visits
  • The delorean was an attraction pulling traffic to 3rd floor
  • Reportedly 6000+ registered attendees, could be the largest since the 2008 crash
  • 2022 – 3rd floor shut down and felt like50-60% attendance size.
  • ALM reportedly cut the price of booths
  • Lots of 1st time exhibitors, especially CLM and new managed eDiscovery players
  • Major players hit show branding hard, but many had smaller booths on 2nd or 3rd level
  • Some major player booths were poorly placed for traffic
  • Other companies who previously invested in big marketing splashes have seemingly faded or been acquired. $$ does not necessarily translate to success
  • LegalWeek has become much more casual. Much more diverse
  • That diversity was mirrored in offsite happy hours, receptions and events. Most on Tuesday night this year.

eDiscoveryToday is busy:

  • Beyond his daily blog, Doug is cranking out lots of other content for clients. His motto is A-B-C: Always Be Contenting!
  • TLDR is real
  • Jasper and ChatGPT generate some interesting content, but not specific enough for eDiscovery and frequently just wrong. A writer cannot sound the same every blog
    • We discussed the risks of microplagarizm, my term for how large language models can inject other’s phrases and entire sentences into content.
    • While a writer cannot use the exact generated content it can be interesting seed material that can break through writer’s block

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