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The eDiscovery market was founded on stories of rapid growth and big sales. Usually these kinds of stories come from mid-tier service providers who land a couple clients with those ‘bet the company’ matters that have unlimited budgets and incredibly short deadlines. Sudden growth spurts can stress small or young companies as they try to balance overwhelming demand against capacity. It is nice to see one of the earliest eDiscovery companies, Ipro Tech, announce record sales in 2014 based in both reseller subscriptions (service providers using their products) and direct software sales. Unlike a young startup or regional provider, Ipro has a mature infrastructure that has been selling imaging and eDiscovery tech for over 25 years. I know because my very first big consulting gig was a technology makeover of an energy company back in the early 1990’s. Jim King, Ipro’s founder, sold me on an Ipro 1.5 image management suite running on SCO Unix (yep, that long ago) with actual laser platters. What makes this revenue growth announcement interesting to me is that it appears to be based displacement technology sales to some very large and savvy providers; DTI, LSI and DOE Legal. At LTNY 2013, DTI’s CEO, John Davenport, briefed me on the increased performance and volume capacity from their conversion to Nuix for processing. Service providers can make fickle technology partners in a market with steadily falling commoditized volume pricing and massive virtual/cloud infrastructure that makes it relatively easy to switch brands behind the scenes. The national deployment of Eclipse SE (desktop version) by the U.S. Department of Justice is a feather in Ipro’s cap just in time for LTNY. Now the numbers:

  • ·         Allegro (ECA tool)  – 81%
  • ·         Eclipse (Review tool) – 70%
  • ·         Eclipse SE (Desktop platform) – 152% (government sales can do that)


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