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Case law for failure to issue proper legal holds has not slowed over the last year.  With that, and the uptick in legal hold notification products on the market over the last two years, we are seeing a rise in corporate attention to better managing legal hold notification.  To test this postulation, we have issued our annual Legal Hold Notification Survey.  In 2013 eDJ launched our first annual Legal Hold Notification Survey to understand corporate and government entity attitudes towards and plans for legal hold notification as part of their eDiscovery efforts.  With the results of this year’s survey, we will study changes in trends over the last year.

Additionally, we are seeing a rise in retained counsel managing legal hold notification for clients.  We would like to better understand law firm activities as they relate to client legal hold notification and have launched a survey for law firms.

This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Participating will automatically give you premium access for 30 days to eDJ Notes, Research Reports and Survey Results.

Click here to log into the eDJ Matrix and take the survey.  Thank you for participating!

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