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A fast update to my recent briefing on this pure play SaaS eDiscovery provider to the SMB market. While chatting about the $370M+ in recent VC investment into the eDiscovery market, Andy Wilson hinted at an upcoming announcement. Little did I know that Nick Mehta of Gainsight (my prior boss and favorite startup entrepreneur) was participating in the investment. Understandably, Andy was seriously jazzed about getting Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures on his board. If $4M in capital feels tiny compared to kCura’s $125M round of funding, then just put their customer markets in perspective. kCura and the vast majority of eDiscovery technology/service providers are all fighting over the tip of the iceberg, namely the corporate and large enterprise defendants. A relatively few providers like Logikcull provide scalable, low overhead cloud service solutions for the SMB parties lurking under the surface. You can bet that I will be watching Logikcull closely now that Nick Mehta has put his toe back in the eDiscovery market.


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