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Last year’s eDJ Cloud adoption survey confirmed that our ‘early adopter’ consulting clients were not the only ones piloting or actively migrating email and files to Office 365™ and Google Vault™. My early research and the new Office 365 Collection category of the eDJ Matrix only found 3-4 products that could connect to and collect from Office 365 mailboxes and SharePoint sites. A year later that same category now shows 14 products with O365 connectors. I expected the ‘big box’ tech players like IBM, Symantec and Xerox to lead the integration efforts because their archiving offerings already had cloud infrastructure on their roadmaps. The old school forensic players, Guidance and Access Data, had to support the law enforcement collection requirements, so they would be right behind or ahead of the big boys. You know that a data source has become a ‘requirement’ rather than an option when the mid tier cloud Saas players such as @ Legal Discovery add Gmail™ and O365 to their remote collection capabilities.

“With so many organizations using Gmail and other Web-based platforms for email and document sharing, it became increasingly important for us to help our clients collect data from these locations,” said Haresh Bhungalia, chief executive of @ Legal Discovery.

I am glad that my client’s now have a broad selection of eDiscovery collection tools and broader platforms available as most consider phasing out their giant data centers for cloud services and infrastructure. 

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