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Exterro announced their new Legal Hold Foundation SaaS on-demand offering with 30/90 days free service for 1/5 year subscriptions (updated to 1 year and 2 year subscriptions per Exterro). Phrases like “Issue Legal Holds within minutes of signing up” and a per matter cost “as low as $65 per hold” lead me to believe that Exterro has set up a relatively automated onboarding system for small-to-medium sized customers. Not that many years ago, there were only two options for a centralized enterprise class legal hold platform, Exterro and Atlas. Whether hosted or on-premise, these offerings required dedicated infrastructure and commanded price that put them out of reach on the SMB market. Launched in December of 2009 by Zapproved, Legal Hold Pro filled that void and was quickly copied by other providers. Recently, eDJ Group has seen global clients increasingly considering SaaS subscriptions in RFP engagements. With some or all of their key enterprise ESI moving to Microsoft’s Office 365, Google Docs or hosted virtual data centers, legal stakeholders seem to have lost some of their hesitancy of putting key discovery systems into the cloud. This Exterro offering let’s them compete down the customer size ladder and lowers the threshold for adoption, just in time for LTNY. Now let’s see what Zapproved announces for the show. 

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