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The eDiscovery Channel (Blog) Has Become the History Channel: eDisclosure Trends

Author: Doug Austin (commentary) / Dr. Tristan Jenkinson (source)

…Tristan began his history lesson with his first post – A Time of Discovery – A History of Electronic Disclosure (Part One) – way back in July. In that first part, Tristan stated that he “thought that it would be interesting” to expand on the history of disclosure in England and Wales”…
…The answer, of course is that litigation is not a war or even a game. It is designed to do real justice between opposing parties and, if the court does not have all the relevant information, it cannot achieve this object…

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Editor Comment:

Another good find and commentary by Doug Austin, A Time of Discovery – A History of Electronic Disclosure (Part One). I like how he pointed out how the UK’s disclosure rules were updated in the same time frame as our FRCP amendments. Civil litigation and arbitration rules vary wildly by international venue. That was a big shock to me as a young product manager for Symantec being parachuted in to giant EU and APAC implementations of my software. Even back in 2006, their workflows and privacy restrictions were radically different than those I had based the Discovery Accelerator on. Current PM’s and innovators should take the time to read good summaries like these to understand the requirements of international customers.

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