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Rachi Messing – Tom O’Connor Interview Jonathan Maas

Author: Rachi Messing – Tom O’Connor

… I mean anyone can learn technology right that but that doesn't make you good at it at your job. Really it makes the voice stand up but the psychological part of it and the ability to read people. Especially you know attorneys can many times be tough and impatient. A lot of times they are the smartest person in the room but that doesn't necessarily mean that they understand that they know this side of what we're doing. So having that ability to just put them at ease and explain and keep things moving is really really essential and important in our roles…

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Editor Comment:

Always fun to watch friends talk shop. Jonathan has a great perspective on eDisclosure or eDiscovery across the pond. For those who prefer to skim/read, remember that you can read the rough transcript from the YouTube link.

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