eDJ-Quick non-eDiscovery look at link placement.

I have had marketing execs supply me with relevant link lists for contract white paper engagements (where do you think some of those provider best practice papers came from?). The email below snuck through my filters and got me curious about the rates and services offered. According to Neil Patel, a blogger can make $45-550 for every link published. After reading more about Google’s SEO reputation criteria, I can see why links from decades old sites filled with original content would be valuable. I use a lot of hyperlinks in my content for every fact or external reference. In essence, I am ‘showing my homework’ for everything that is not an opinion. I am not even vaguely tempted to cram my pieces full of extraneous links. This does explain a few articles/blogs I have puzzled over. I redacted the PII of the offer because I do consider this a legitimate business service.

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