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It’s the day we’re publishing our first eDJ 1 Step.  This first one is titled RFP Response Comparison Method, which shows how to compare apples-to-apples proposals without cutting and pasting from a whole bunch of spreadsheet responses. I created this short how-to because of the response I got to this little bit of RFP advice I shared during my last Vendor Selection ARMA Bootcamp sponsored by Xact Data Discovery.  Attendees literally said, “Wow!” so I thought I better get this out to as many people as possible in some sort of crib sheet. 

And the response to our recently debuted format The eDJ Bottom Line has been so positive that we’ve created the eDJ 1 Step format that is only ~one page long.  We’re going to use it to broadcast tips, tricks and snatches of inside information that eDiscovery professionals will want to use right away.

And today’s question:

“What’s happier than a camel on Wednesday?”


Babs Deacon being able to grab Hump Day as her regularly scheduled blog day at www.eDJGroupInc.com.  Not only does it give me the opportunity to blog on a regular basis so that people can follow me, but it will present an entertaining challenge inserting the word “camel” in articles about important eDiscovery issues.

And maybe a camel is a good symbol for those participants in the eDiscovery community that I’m covering this year:

The eDiscovery Service Provider.  The various processing/reviewing shops don’t get the spotlight the way celebrity judges and attorneys do, but they’re doing the bulk of the work; crunching through the majority of the data and fielding an army of PMs, techs, consultants and other professionals.  They are carrying the burden of over-retention and over-collection across the desert of uncooperation.  I would also guestimate that provider business development folks and marketing efforts provide the majority of eDiscovery training to attorneys and other legal professionals through CLE courses and industry events.

I’m talking to as many Services Providers as I can get my hands on, so keep yourself tuned to the newly relaunched eDJ Site every Wednesday to see what questions I’m asking and what I’ve learned.

Babs’ current research focuses on eDiscovery Service Providers and Pricing Models, the proposed amendments to the FRCP and the future of in Situ Discovery.

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