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In his blog post last week, Greg Buckles pointed out that the mission of eDJ Group is to help eDiscovery and IG professionals get the intelligence needed to do their jobs optimally.  Our survey results can certainly be an asset to anyone looking to benchmark themselves versus others or simply to understand common trends.

There are several summary reports that are now available on our research page. The newest release is from the Information Governance survey conducted last Fall/Winter with ARMA and ViaLumina.  With over 450 total responses, this is probably the most valuable IG survey out there in terms of providing a good benchmark for what different types of organizations are doing to address the challenges.  There are also survey results for our Litigation Hold Notification Survey and Defensible Deletion survey.  We will continue to post survey and poll results as they come in.

These reports can be accessed by participating consumer members, provider clients, and consulting clients.  There are only two stipulations we have about others working with eDJ data:

  1. Any sourcing of this data is attributed to “eDJ Group’s XYZ Survey” with a link back to http://edjgroupinc.com/research
  2. Any analysis or interpretations of this data are clearly the views of the author, and not of, or portrayed to be of eDJ Group.  For example, if someone were to analyze the data, they should not say, “eDJ claims X.”  Instead, they should say, “the data from eDJ Group seems to indicate X.”  Put simply, we cannot have anyone put words in our mouth.  But, we like the idea of the ecosystem extending the analysis and sharing thoughts that will move the industry forward.

If you are interested in a custom cut of the data – such as answers only from AMLAW 100 firms or corporate Legal respondents only – please contact us about custom data solutions.

Barry Murphy can be reached at barry@eDJGroupInc.com for offline comments or questions. His active research topics include information governance, Predictive Coding, and the impact of social media on eDiscovery.  Barry’s latest research report is Predictive Coding: What You Need To Know Now​.


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