Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Mikki Tomlinson. Published: 2013-06-27 06:24:30Format, images and links may no longer function correctly. As announced in Barry Murphy’s March 2013 post, Legal Hold Notification (LHN) is on our analysts’ radar and research agenda.  LHN, although not a “new” eDiscovery topic, continues to be a current conversation and hover at the top of the priority list for corporate legal departments.   The first report in the series, Bring Legal Holds to Life, was published in April and lays out the framework for developing an effective legal hold program.  The next step is to frame out our analysis of the technologies on the market.

The LHN research efforts are multi-faceted and in addition to our traditional research efforts, we tap into the insight gained through our consulting practice with corporate legal departments. Earlier in the year we published a survey on LHN. The survey will close in July, so you still have an opportunity to participate.  The survey is for corporate legal departments (no vendors please) and is anonymous[1]. The public survey is followed by a “focus survey” that is based on very specific uses of technologies within narrowed areas of the LHN process.  Participation in the focus survey is by invitation only.  The target participation audience covers a broad spectrum of respondents and is being conducted by telephone.

We have talked to the end users, and now it’s time to talk to the software providers.  This effort will take place throughout the coming months.  The LHN market, like many other areas of eDiscovery, is interesting in that the tools utilized fall into several categories, from stand-alone packages, to proprietary service provider solutions, to being part of all out enterprise platforms, with some even crossing over categories depending upon purchase options.  The market analysis will include the vendors listed below.  If there are others you would like to see included that are not in the list, please comment on this article or email me.

Access Data




Exterro Fusion Legal Hold


Guidance EnCase

HP Autonomy


kCura Method

Legal Hold Pro


Orange Legal Technologies

Orion by Affirm Discovery

Symantec Clearwell


Xerox Legal Services

ZL Technologies


In addition to the market category report that will result from this research, product updates will be incorporated into the eDiscoveryMatrix (currently in beta release).  The eDiscoveryMatrix listings will include a brief overview of each vendor, some strengths, some challenges the vendor faces, and analyst notes that present our analysts’ perspective on the vendor.  (Note that the basic vendor listings and pubic notes are available to registered users while private analyst notes, reports and more are available to subscription members.)  We will have a deep perspective on some vendors, while others will have barely hit our or our reader’s radar. Our market category reports and live analyst engine enable us to to share our ongoing perspective with you – positive, negative, and/or neutral.


Mikki Tomlinson can be reached at mikki@edjgroupinc.com for offline comments or questions. Her active research topics include Legal Hold Notification, Legal Hold Process Management: Progression of legal hold notification to collection workflow (project management) and collection tools, and eDiscovery Education.

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– See more at: http://old.ediscoveryjournal.com/2013/06/you-want-me-to-hold-what/#sthash.ykkpWqw1.dpuf





[1] If choose to leave a verifiable corporate email address we will send you a copy of the results and will maintain your anonymity.


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