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As the 2013 ARMA International conference kicks off here in Las Vegas this week, I thought it would be a good idea to share some preliminary data from theinformation governance (IG) survey eDJ is running with ARMA and ViaLumina.  The survey looks to understand not only attitudes toward IG, but also to get a sense of what projects are actually happening today and where the budget for those projects is coming from.

One of the more interesting findings in a first pass through the data is that, for the first time, more than half of our respondents – almost 55% – reported having actual budget dollars allocated to IG.

It would seem that more and more organizations understand the negative consequences of non-existent or sub-optimal IG efforts: poor information access for employees; difficult compliance procedures; costly eDiscovery; and more.  The question then becomes: where is this budget coming from?

One place the budget is not coming from, at least not frequently, is the records and information group.  This is interesting to me as the sun comes up on the annual ARMA convention.  Less than a third of respondents’ RIM teams had budget authority.

This is not a surprising fact, however.  For one thing, too few organizations take IG seriously enough to empower a RIM group to make purchases.  Secondly, much of the purchasing to address IG challenges is around technology infrastructure, and that budget lies with the CIO (or other IT departments).  I would argue that it is the misalignment of incentives amongst these stakeholders that holds IG back from gaining more widespread maturity.  That is the subject of a future report that is currently in the works.  If you would like chat more about this hypothesis, please shoot me an email.

There is still time to take the survey before it closes later this month.  Click here to take the survey and you will receive a complimentary copy of the survey results.

Barry Murphy can be reached at barry@eDJGroupInc.com for offline comments or questions. His active research topics include information governance, Predictive Coding, and the impact of social media on eDiscovery.  Barry’s latest research report is Predictive Coding: What You Need To Know Now​.


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