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Businesses go through natural evolutionary periods, growing and changing over time – sometimes minor incremental changes, and sometimes more radical changes.  Since we started eDiscoveryJournal almost four years ago, the company has gone through a series of minor incremental changes, all leading up to the more radical change that we would like to announce today: it has come time to retire eDiscoveryjournal.com and replace it with a more unified website at http://edjgroupinc.com


While this is a radical change for us, in many ways, things will be business as usual.  We will continue to provide our free blogs in our analyst perspective section. 



We will continue to offer a mix of free and paid research reports (as well as various subscription models for access to multiple reports. 



We will share analyst perspectives on the solutions in our market via the eDJ Matrix, now integrated directly into our unified site, where users can continue to search and compare solutions on the market.



In essence, we have made the full move from online magazine to full-fledged analyst firm specializing in the information governance and eDiscovery markets.  Our subscribers, clients and market providers said that they wanted more access to our research reports, dynamic analyst notes, blogs and the ability to ask direct, confidential questions of our working analysts. We listened to you and have merged the eDiscovery Journal and eDiscovery Matrix to create an online analyst engine unlike any other research or product directory site.

eDJ Group is a new kind of research firm – our analysts are “working analysts” that cycle between consulting engagements and research projects in order to keep a real-world perspective.  eDJ’s analysts all have 10-25 years of experience in detailed eDiscovery and information governance projects.  Our analysts research, analyze, and write based on a combined one hundred (100) years in the legal technology community.

eDJ working analysts support clients facing the same eDiscovery challenges you face every day and can provide objective advice on how to address these hurdles, compare potential solutions, and give you real answers when you need it.

We will continue to keep eDiscoveryJournal up and running for the next few weeks and double blogging between the two sites.  If you have any feedback on the new unified site, please do let me know.

Barry Murphy can be reached at barry@eDJGroupInc.com for offline comments or questions. His active research topics include information governance, Predictive Coding, and the impact of social media on eDiscovery.  Barry’s latest research report is Predictive Coding: What You Need To Know Now​.


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