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With Legal Tech New York fast approaching, the eDJ team has been working overtime to roll out all the functionality for the new eDiscovery Matrix site and expose our analyst engine via the eDJ Analyst Notes featured on company profiles. I created the first version of the eDiscovery Matrix in 2008 to track the features and functionality from the flood of new legal technology. The new site is still in ‘beta’ mode and likely will not be ‘live’ until the last second, based on my long list of small bugs, and the need to incorporate some excellent feedback from users. I thought that I was out of the ‘software development’ business when I left Symantec to return to actual problem solving for our corporate, firm and provider clients. I am happy to say that this new brainchild of the team finally solves one of our biggest challenges; how to meet the market demand for informed, independent perspective without forcing forensic collection software and managed review service providers to try to fit themselves into an annual static, awkward diagram that is outdated before it is even published.

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The new site expands our coverage of over 200 technology providers and EDD/SaaS and service providers. We are trying to be more than a simple directory that lists every copy shop or law firm who has licensed Clearwell from Symantec. There are lots of other places where you can find local providers to jump on your latest eDiscovery hand grenade. We want to be your resource to get beyond the marketing language as you tackle the eDiscovery lifecycle for yourself or clients.

So how do we do that? We decided to integrate our internal note system for sharing provider briefings, customer interviews and Peer group lessons learned into the eDiscovery Matrix. Sounds easy? Not really. After far too much time in development, we have finally gotten the eDJ Analyst Notes published for company profiles, like this one from Planet Data. Yes, you do have to register to view even the public eDJ Analyst Notes. We have made that incredibly easy with an integration to LinkedIn. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, there is a manual registration option. We validate all manual user profile and identity information so that we fully understand the source and potential bias of all user feedback.

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Once logged in, you can find the eDiscovery companies that are important to you, follow them to see breaking web stories in your ‘My Account’ Inbox and read public eDJ Analyst Notes. We have introduced a new Platinum Membership to gain access to all published analyst research reports and private eDJ Analyst Notes. These are already accessible to the eDJ Peer groups and our active corporate/firm consulting clients. We have special introductory programs for members of ARMA and Women in eDiscovery, so take advantage of them while they last.

The new eDiscovery Matrix is just the beginning. We know that we have a lot of work to deliver on all the functionality, usability and innovation that has been

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stuck on our road map for far too long. We need your participation and input to make sure that the site meets your needs and delivers the deep content and perspective that you expect from us. So register for free and give the site a tour while it is still under construction. Use the feedback tab to give us suggestions, input on specific providers, questions about offerings and more. We hope that the new site will help you plan your forays into the LTNY exhibit floors and better yet, we hope to run into you there. All of our team will be at the show speaking, running briefings and trying to get your perspective on the market. So flag us down and introduce yourself and see if you get mentioned in our LTNY coverage.


eDiscoveryJournal Contributor and eDJ Group Lead Analyst – Greg Buckles

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