Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Marilyn Gladden. Published: 2013-02-26 04:43:38Format, images and links may no longer function correctly. Since the eDiscoveyJournal’s beginnings, education has been a topic of conversation that has consistently come up internally and with our clients. As we began asking more questions about this subject, such as what people like and don’t like about the educational events in the industry, we started to imagine a program that would not only address some of the areas that are lacking in the industry, but would also be complementary to the events that are already available.

So today, I’m very happy to announce the official launch of the eDiscoveryJournal Boot Camps. Led by an eDJ Analyst and two to three guest speakers, these half-day, intimate, educational, CLE programs will be limited to 70 attendees and will focus on a singular topic that is a current pain point in the legal industry today. Registration is only open to eDiscovery and information governance professionals working in corporations, law firms, and government agencies (the folks dealing with these issues on-the-ground and in-the-trenches).  The first set of Boot Camps will address some of the most important topics in our industry:  Predictive Coding, Mobile Device Discovery, Legal Hold, and Selecting eDiscovery Technology and Service Solutions.

What is different about eDiscoveryJournal’s Boot Camps?

  • Unbiased and objective content.  These are not shows run by software or service vendors; the eDJ analysts have created content based on research and experience.
  • You will get prescriptive and actionable advice.  This is not simply a panel discussion debating the latest in case law.  Rather, attendees will leave knowing exactly what they can do about the topic at hand.
  • Long enough to deliver value, but short enough to not interrupt your day job.  These Boot Camps come out to your region and deliver a lot of value in a half-day format.  Instead of traveling to a conference for several days, you will get a plethora of knowledge in a reasonable amount of time.

Over the next week, eDJ’s Analysts will write more about their specific Boot Camps and what you can expect to learn in them.  The initial schedule is as follows:

If you’re an eDiscovery and information governance professional working in a corporation, law firm, or a government agency that is interested in attending one of these events please contact me at Marilyn@edjgroupinc.com. Please also contact me if you would like to learn about sponsoring one of these programs or have suggestions on what additional topics and cities you would like to see in Q3 and Q4.

eDiscoveryJournal Contributor and Director of Media Services –Marilyn Gladden



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