Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: . Published: 2013-04-08 09:00:32  I recently was at the HP Analyst Conference learning about the “new” HP which includes the role of Autonomy in the HP ecosystem.  The event was held at the beautiful Westin Waterfront hotel right outside downtown Boston and there were over 300 leading technology analysts covering the event.Day one started off with a keynote presentation by Meg Whitman who reassured the analysts that her primary goal was to restore HP to an industry leading company and that 2013 was the year to focus on fixing and rebuilding, after using 2012 to evaluate the core competencies and foundations of their assets.  The HP exec team rolled out a strategic roadmap focusing

Meg Whitman at the HP Analyst Conference

on the “New Style of IT” which is a combination of hardware (printers, PC’s, and tablets), converged infrastructure (servers,storage, and networking), software (this is where Autonomy legal fits in), and professional services.I was surprised to learn that HP is one of the largest Cloud service providers and that they offer both public and private Cloud services in what they call the “Converged Infrastructure”.  This Converged Infrastructure and Cloud services will be a large piece of their messaging in the coming years.  I loved the vision of being able to walk up to any device and seeing all my data and apps right there after a simple eye scan or thumbprint impression.  Based on what I saw at this event, I think we’re only a few years away from that vision.HP also gave the analysts a sneak peek at some of the things coming out related to their Enterprise (server-side) group as well as the new personal systems product line (PC & tablets) which had some interesting “cool” factors.  I liked their Windows 8 tablet hybrid Envy x2 that has a snap-on keyboard.  Perfect size for a full size tablet (as compared to the iPad Mini) and can be used as a PC for your office apps.  Needless to say this delayed my purchase of an iPad (again!!!) until I can fully vet the options.  I personally am not a big fan of the Windows 8 OS, but I like the direction HP is taking the hardware.It was fun looking at the new toys, but I really wanted to learn more about how Autonomy was going to fit into this new HP.  I spoke to several Autonomy folks and they were very positive about the acquisition and about being part of a larger company.  As expected, I did not hear a word about the legal issues and the boardroom politics going on.  I’m neither a financial analyst nor a gossip monger, so I’ll focus on what I learned about the technology.  Their twitter handle is @HPAutonomy if you want track them in your feeds.I was very curious to find out how HP was going to utilize the IDOL as part of their core technology solution.  For those not familiar with IDOL, it is the engine behind Autonomy…a single layer to collect information from hundreds of data sources through connectors (databases, mail servers, CRM, file servers, databases, etc.)  and thousands of file types (email, video, social media, documents, texts, etc.) that is continually learning behaviors and patterns of an enterprise.It was clear that HP is sketching out the roadmap to be a leader in the information governance (IG) industry as part of the “New Style of IT”  that was introduced by Meg Whitman at the beginning of the conference and the Autonomy technology will be important to the future success.   Combining backup, records management, discovery, and knowledge management is the Holy Grail for the large enterprise player (one solution to rule them all), HP has all the technology in place to make a play for this market.Autonomy is clearly the solution HP will be promoting to chief legal officers and general counsels for discovery and compliance solutions.  On the legal side, IDOL can provide culling, coding, auto-categorization, and clustering of multiple types of data.  On the compliance side, IDOL can provide assistance with policy creation and implementation, taxonomy generation and conceptual queries.The Autonomy division currently has about 3500 employees and 800+ engineers in R&D.  I was not surprised to learn that Autonomy has 95% renewal rates because of the amount of time and infrastructure required to successfully implement the technology.   HP is incorporating IDOL into many more platforms than expected at this stage of the acquisition.  One team member was telling me about how they are now integrating IDOL into some of the printer series.All in all, I love the vision, but execution will be the key.  The people implementing these solutions will be critical both from the project managers and developers that have all of the experience with clients with IDOL and Autonomy.  The eDJ Group will continue to track HP/Autonomy and I hope to get to get some case studies for our readers in the coming months.eDJ Group CEO and eDiscoveryJournal Contributor, Jason VelascoDon’t miss Jason Velasco’s upcoming Selecting eDiscovery Technology & Service Solutions Boot Camps in New York and Austin. To learn more, click here!

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