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I was in Los Angeles last week at the Executive Counsel Institute along with Mikki Tomlinson. I really enjoyed the program and thought it was well structured with great interactions between the people. Kudos to Browning Marean and Robert Brownstone who did an excellent job moderating the event and getting people to participate in discussing some difficult topics.

One recurring topic that kept popping up was Predictive Coding, or Technology Assisted Review (we’ll use the defined term “PC-TAR” to avoid controversy from this point on). We know that using PC-TAR will help save money in the overall eDiscovery process. Albert Barsocchini recently did an article on “Ediscovery Production Without Review” last week and quoted an attorney at a major law firm that said they are producing documents without any reviewing any documents in a linear review process. This immediately raised the mental flag in my head as this was the first that I’ve heard of someone going straight to production using PC-TAR technology without first doing a human review of the responsive documents.

So is this truly a trend or this an attorney at a cutting edge law firm looking to finally make a test case for the PC-TAR process to be validated by a judge? I chatted with my colleague, Barry Murphy, who is in the early stages putting together an analyst research report on PC-TAR technologies and trends. He said, “PC-TAR is definitely trending, but to date, most of the push is from solutions vendors as opposed to real world practitioners. I’ve not seen any real data about how many organizations actually use PC-TAR. That is why eDJ has decided to formally research the topic – to get some real data.”

So for all those PC-TAR evangelists out there at law firms and corporations, we need your feedback. We can keep your name and firm anonymous as part of the research, so you can feel free to verbalize the successes and failures.  Please email us to set up a time to chat.

For the vendor community offering PC-TAR technologies, please feel free to send your current marketing information and we will try to set up a de-briefing of your technology prior to the report’s release. We are also in the process of developing a survey about the use of PC-TAR; if you have any questions you would like to see included, please email the eDJ Analyst team.

We are very excited about doing this research and looking forward to the releasing what we’ve learned with our eDiscovery community.

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