Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: . Published: 2011-07-28 15:07:48  We had an amazing week time last week at the Carmel Valley Retreat.  Chris LaCour did an excellent job of putting together a program that was both relaxing as well as informative.  I’m looking forward to watching this program evolve over the coming years.Now that we are past that event, we are now in the swing of putting together our ILTA schedule. Greg is doing a panel on Emerging eDiscovery Technologies with Dominic Jaar (KPMG), Keven Hayworth (Morgan Lewis), and Howard Sklar (Recommind) on August 25, 2011.  It should be an exciting and informational program.  We are also working on setting up 30-45 minute briefings while in Nashville.  If you are interested in meeting with Greg during the show, please send me an email at jason@ediscoveryjournal.com to coordinate a time.  We will not be doing full technology debriefings during the show as time will be limited.We have a great deal of exciting things happening at the Journal right now.  We’ll be coming out some announcement in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open.  Just as a preview…Vendor Spotlight – We’ll be adding a new feature to the eDiscoveryJournal showcasing the knowledge leadership of the vendor community.  These will be thought leadership pieces to expose the community to experts working within the vendor community that don’t have an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and insight.Expanded Consulting & Analyst Services – We are expanding our independent validation testing, product/process enablement, legal hold consulting, and 30(b)6 support services. eDJ Experts provide strategic, unbiased perspective to our corporate, law firm and provider clients.eDJ Tech Matrix – We have a new category system, many more features and enhanced application profiles rolling out in the next week or so.  The Matrix will be going through many changes over the next few months, so please keep on the lookout.There is a lot more going on and we will update our community as things develop.Jason Velasco

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