Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Mikki Tomlinson. Published: 2011-11-22 10:20:08  This is my first entry as a contributor to the eDiscoveryJournal so I wanted to make it special with an announcement about a new initiative I’m leading with the eDJ Group.  While you and I may not have met yet and we may not have met the other professionals that are reading this blog at the very same time, we are all bonded by this special community of eDiscovery and information governance professionals.  Wouldn’t you agree that we could all grow from each other’s knowledge?  Of course we could!The ability to share knowledge, pain points, successes and challenges, and state of the market with peers is invaluable.  The challenges, however, include:  opportunity, confidentiality, competition and facilitation.  In recognizing both the need for knowledge sharing in our industry and the challenges associated therewith, eDiscoveryJournal & eDJ Group have created the “eDJ Peer Group” and I am proud to lead its launch.I was thrilled to be appointed as the leader of the eDJ Peer Group as one of my first posts in my new position with eDJ Group. I am a huge proponent of both learning new ideas and passing it on to others in the field.  The eDJ Peer Group will provide its members the opportunity to grow through seeking and sharing knowledge.The eDJ Peer Group’s mission is to facilitate learning through shared experience in a strictly confidential environment, and membership is exclusive.  The eDJ Peer Group consists of two working groups:  Corporate Practitioners and Law Firm Practitioners.  The working groups work in both independent groups and together on occasion to share issues and insights with their peers on the other side of the aisle.What makes the eDJ Peer Group different from the various other communities?  This is a special invite-only (see below on how to get an invitation) group where members will be able to share with their peers in a “safe” environment.  Our team will facilitate the conversations while providing access to eDJ consultants and analysts for insight, guidance, and market trends.  Participants will also get early access to reports and papers from the eDJ Group.  In return, members will be requested to contribute to and steer the eDJ Peer Group conversations and surveys.  And you can’t beat the price…there is no charge for membership.We will be kicking off the eDJ Peer Group at a special breakfast meeting at Legal Tech-NY on January 30, 2012 at the Warwick hosted by the eDJ team (and maybe a law firm sponsor…tbd).  This event will bring together both working groups to introduce everyone to the groups and each other.  We don’t expect breakfast to take more than 90 minutes from your busy LegalTech-NY schedule.To learn more about participation in the eDJ Peer Group, please click the eDJ Peer Group page.  You may also contact me directly at mikki@edjgroupinc.com with any questions or interest. Also feel free to ask general questions in the comment section of this post. For a downloadable overview of the eDJ Peer Group, please click eDJ Peer Group overview 112111.Thank you for taking the time to read my first of many contributions to the eDiscoveryJournal.  

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