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Back in July I cautiously reported some potential issues encountered while running normal acceptance/validation testing on client’s Security and Compliance Center. I am sad to report that despite opening several MS support tickets, we are no closer to understanding why large PST exports will unexpectedly crash without reporting an error or why items on hold seem to be disappearing from search results. In the intervening months, I have been deluged with similar stories from Microsoft partner products, fellow forensic consultants and sharp corporate litigation support techs who follow my ‘trust but verify’ maxim. I did not make the EDI Summit last week, but I did get some interesting reports from clients and peers about the O365 sessions.

Reportedly, the sessions were so popular that they had to be moved to the largest venues to accommodate the crowds. The second hand scoop is that the Microsoft team faced a veritable avalanche of hard questions about perceived issues with the eDiscovery functionality in the new Security and Compliance Center. Having been in the product management hot seat, I know exactly how it feels when your technology does not meet the expectations set by sales and marketing to legal customers. It is my opinion that the MS PM team is stuck in a no win situation. eDiscovery functionality does not sell Office 365 licenses in the broader world market. MS Office 365 dominates the SaaS email and document management market by providing the average business consumer fast, reliable, unlimited, cheap service. Managing bandwidth, computing power and up time takes priority over legal’s need for consistent, accurate and complete retrieval. It even takes priority over preserving items under legal hold when so few consumers take the time to validate that functionality.

This provides eDiscovery and InfoGov partner products an opportunity to cover the gaps and provide validated retrieval capabilities to educated customers who require a defensible eDiscovery solution.

Stay skeptical and laugh at yourselves my friends!

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Below the Fold:

When eDJ went back to being a solo consulting practice, I wanted to keep my eDJ blog sharply focused on my professional perspective and rich with practical research and content. The deluge of inquiries from friends old and new after Hurricane Harvey reminded me that my original eDiscovery Journal blogs involved a real dialogue that could be more personal and real. None of us live in a vacuum as legal technology robots. We are real people and life does impact our work. Since Harvey, my real life has been a roller coaster as we fought and lost the battle with canine cancer in my 17 year old pup. Life is too short to wear business masks, even in our conservative, adversarial world. So I will use the space Below the Fold to share meaningful events, personal thoughts and pics in the hope that you will return the favor. It really has been a crazy month.

 17 years of love

Hiking the Incan Trail to Machu Pichu as part of a 16 person wedding party


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