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A teacher friend asked me to give a presentation on forensic science to her high school class. I agreed thinking I had so many eDiscovery 101 decks in my files that it would be easy to pull something fun together in an hour. My presentations for sales teams, venture capital investors, new lit support techs and such really did not seem to be that relevant to teens. It was easy enough to throw together slides defining forensic science, funny pics from my CSI days and the ‘CSI effect’ with the gratuitous Gil Grisham headshot. But even the basics of criminal/civil/investigation workflows seemed out of touch to their world. Then it hit me – iPhones! They all had iPhones and things on those phones that they did not want anyone to access.

So we spent two fun hours exploring all the ways that smart phones logged your every action, how easy it was to retrieve and how that information could be used in legal actions. So  I abandoned the deck to walk them through a couple investigation scenarios and even got them to role play catching a classroom thief with location tracking and a ‘home button screen capture’ from a suspect student’s iPhone. The good news is that only one student had a 4 digit passcode and all of them had encryption enabled on their phones. It may not have been civil eDiscovery, but frankly that is usually boring unless you are paying the bills. Now to see if I can come up with a demo key and a ‘safe’ tester phone for the requested lab experiment…

 Still booking LTNY briefings and chats! 

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Your blogger back in the CSI days! One of my meth lab cases. Gotta love those glasses.

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