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Some time back, kCura enabled their service channel to essentially resell non-volume based enterprise ‘seats’ to customers on a subscription basis. This was the first crack in the traditional $/GB volume based consumption model outside of on-premise consumer purchase of the technology. Epiq’s Arq℠ is a productized example of a kCura channel partner reselling hosted Relativity as a managed service. Other kCura partners have similar formal or ad-hoc offerings with basic Relativity or with their own integrated reports, templates or other enhancements. Epiq just announced a ‘new’ version of Arq, which I hope incorporates the new interface released in Relativity 9.3. With kCura now directly selling Azure hosted Relativity to consumers as RelativityOne, it will be interesting to see how pricing stacks up when or if kCura makes the RelativityOne pricing model public. For any of you thinking that these SaaS versions of Relativity actually break the $/GB model, I am sorry to report that the monthly subscription rate still seems to be directly pegged to your total volume capacity on the system (based on recent RFP engagements). That is as close to pricing as I will get, but it seems to me that this must be related to  kCura license fees as it cannot be attributed to Azure’s pennies/GB storage overhead.

I was excited to see Arq offering some cross case reporting to support multi-matter functionality demanded by corporate consumers with dockets with heavy custodian/collection overlap. I will be closing my 2016 Multi-Matter eDiscovery Survey before the upcoming webinar, so take it soon to get access to the full results.

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