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Innovations 2016 was the best attended (450+) Ipro user conference to date. The addition of the Sedona Conference CLE sessions expanded the educational content. Overall, CEO Kim Taylor continues the slow conversion of diverse Ipro products into a centralized eDiscovery platform. If you have not kept up with the evolution, you can now buy the ADD processing thru production from Ipro channel providers, on-premise software and cloud IaaS. Last year, Ipro’s automated workflow and integration with Relativity took center stage. kCura’s recent acquisition of Content Analyst has forced Ipro to consider other analytics engines to power Eclipse visualizations and TAR. Healthy competition is good for our clients and the industry as a whole, so I will be interested to see which analytics engine starts to displace CAAT OEM customers. Below are my ad hoc notes from the keynotes and various sessions:

  • Users happy to take certifications at conference, but want immediate feedback and opportunity to retest after repeating training sessions.
  • Ipro moving to Kanban 6-week development-release cycles. Created a new version numbering system to clarify product compatibility and benchmarking the major functional releases on industry conferences.
  • Improvements in parallel processing yield 12+ GB/hour processing in VM environments.
  • Roadmap – process directly from original containers without requiring duplication to cut storage and time.
  • Roadmap – ECA dashboard with interactive charts for navigation search functionality. eDJ-This kind of incremental GUI update feels like they are chasing Relativity instead of leaping ahead.
  • Roadmap – Central data warehouse for easier reuse of collections, work product and live synchronization across matters. eDJ – this is a major gap in the Relativity platform, so eDJ would raise the priority for these features.
  • Replace CAAT by end of 2016? eDJ – Good luck
  • Eclipse SE has automated migration from Concordance and beta migration from Summation iBlaze projects. eDJ – Smart move to convert all those legacy desktop matters and users with a low cost entry to the Ipro system.
  • Ipro and Trial Director announce integration to enable customers to stay in Eclipse through end of lifecycle.
  • Sedona Session Notes –
    • Good speakers and organized timely content.
    • EU privacy changes still making life difficult for global corporations. Push for privacy by design in enterprise data systems.
    • Pressure on counsel to safeguard client data.
    • FRCP Rule 26(f) – Magistrate Michelle Burns expects counsel to come to M&C meetings familiar with systems and sources of ESI relevant to defense.
    • Keynote by Chris Valasek (remotely hacked Jeep Cherokee for WIRED last year) made an interesting case study in vulnerabilities of IoT data sources.
    • Notes from my eDiscovery Trends session:
      • Managed services contracts by ~20-30% of audience in show of hands, big increase from year’s past.
      • Few audience members used saved Google searches or other active means to track market changes. This leaves them dependent on conferences and marketing content to keep up. Expect a new eDJ survey.
      • High interest in service market consolidation and potential impact on their cases.
      • Decent awareness and concern over O365 – Equivio eDiscovery functionality. Fear that MIS will refuse more expensive, mature products in favor of ‘free’ eDiscovery from Microsoft.

Another good conference delivered by the Ipro team and I hope to see you there next year.

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