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I got a bit side tracked while preparing my deck on 2016 eDiscovery Trends for the upcoming Ipro Innovations. I wanted a good graphic to visualize the customer buying frenzy happening as the service providers consolidate into global powerhouses and niche concierge shops. I maintain spreadsheets tracking eDiscovery/IG M&A activity (based on Rob Robinson’s excellent Complex Discovery list,  the Fenwick M&A and my own search engines). So the question was which of the global service providers has acquired the most pieces of the eDiscovery market pie? In the last year, DTI definitely leads the pack with publicly disclosed acquisitions, but if you look back to my earliest market data (2010), Huron consistently absorbed small consulting shops for their talent until it was eaten by Consilio last year. So enjoy the graphic below and I hope to see you in sunny Phoenix later this month for a fun session.


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