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It started with a question at the last Today’s General Counsel Exchange in Houston that NO ONE answered. What confidence level or stability measurement is ‘enough’ for civil litigation relevance engines? Actually, all of the usual suspects on the speaker’s circuit gave the classic consultant’s answer of, “It depends…” So I asked a similar question in my 2015 PC-TAR Survey that just closed. Surprisingly, most of the respondents gave real numbers instead of all electing the ‘Other’ full text option. 42% said that they generally felt a 95% confidence level was acceptable while 27% thought 90% worked. Survey questions only tell half the story. That is why I have gotten in the habit of backing up my surveys with 10-20 interviews with eDJ Group participating members. I am always impressed and surprised by their acumen and savvy insight. Almost every interview respondent said something like, “Yeah, I would go for 90-95%, but really it depends…” Behind the survey numbers, their reality was much fuzzier and driven by the matter, jurisdiction, opposing counsel temperament and many more factors. Several reported 60-80% confidence when using PC-TAR to assess opposing productions or high speed regulatory requests when trying to appease an agency demand. I have compiled my updated research for a presentation to the Houston Association of Litigation Support Managers (HALSM) on Wednesday and I hope to find the time to create my formal report this week. Some surprising results, but overall confirmation of the trends highlighted in my 2014 Analytics Adoption report.

[Author’s Note] – see my next blog for why this survey question was fundamentally flawed. Thanks again for the great feedback from my readers. 


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