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Just as I was lamenting the shrinking field of Matter Management offerings suitable for enterprise level customers, the founders/execs of iManage announced that they have extracted their product from Autonomy-HP borg. I hope that the developers did not drink the IDOL Kool-Aid and are able to revert the database/index/analytics back to something practical for customers to deploy. This on the same day as U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer approved a $100 million settlement between a Dutch pension fund and HP over the Autonomy acquisition. Catch the Courthouse News Service article title, “Pensioners Get $100M for HP’s Takeover Flop”. Nice juicy terms such as “disasterous $10.3 billion purchase of Autonomy Corp.”, “botched acquisition” and “blamed former Autonomy executives for misrepresenting its revenue”. Fun. It makes me wonder if the eDJ team made the right call back in 2012. We had a lot of anonymous rumors and information from individuals who were unwilling to publicly confirm their information about how Autonomy booked revenue and did their books. eDJ had made the jump from amateur journalists to full time market research analysts already and we were uncomfortable ‘breaking’ such a big story without incontrovertible evidence from multiple sources. We took those rumors to Autonomy, who referred us to sections of the UK defamation laws (hint-hint). We next took the information to what we thought of as ‘real journalists’ covering legal technology news. Their reaction taught me the difference between actual news vs. marketing organizations. Our 2012 market report on the Autonomy acquisition stuck to the public facts and our opinions. I am so glad to be back to pure perspective blogging and under the radar.

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