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More than 50% of consumers (N=75) in my 2014 Analytic Adoption survey paid on a volume basis on top of basic processing/hosting charges. Content Analyst’s CAAT analytic engine has dominated the OEM market and generally required these volume based charges to their service provider channel partners. Last December iCONECT customers got to give away CAAT based analytics for pro bono matters. Today they went a step further and eliminated the analytics upcharge for all XERA customers and service channel partners. They are not the first Content Analyst OEM to do this, as Ipro made a similar ‘all in’ pricing announcement for Eclipse customers last December. We have seen clients push for unlimited analytics licensing in RFP engagements selecting preferred providers or managed service contracts, whereas it still seems rare in reactive, ad hoc matters. This has to put pressure on providers locked into volume based OEM license agreements. Does it have anything to do with Content Analyst’s foray into direct-to-customer SaaS sales of Cerebrant? Probably not. But it does confirm my belief that analytics are a requirement for any competitive eDiscovery platform.

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