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Key SP2016 Features:

  • Hybrid Office365 and on-premise integration for search and users
    • Cloud hybrid search – unified search results – limited to Office 365 users seeing on-premise crawled content –
      • eDJ – no on-premise search visibility to O365 content – no real review functionality yet
    • Consolidated SP site lists in O365
      • eDJ – Discovery can now see combined SP site forests
    • Single Office 365 profile (redirects user profiles from on-prem)
      • eDJ – You will want to use the O365 profile to get everything
    • OneDrive for Business – sync files and access from any device
      • Retention policy applies to OneDrive and In-Place Hold policy
      • eDJ – Think of OneDrive as O365 file shares. This means you can set default retention policies and place holds on directories. With the release of the Mac OS client, this may actually see increased user adoption.
  • Large file size support – increased from 2GB to 10 GB
  • Share Library Content – easier to create external shared content
    • eDJ – competing against Dropbox and other collaboration sites with better usability – increased risk of data exposure
  • Search Server
    • SP Search server capacity increased to 500M items per server
    • Search and DLP capabilities on sensitive content
      • 51 built-in sensitive information filters
      • eDJ – mostly regional variations on account numbers
    • Identify and export report in eDiscovery Center 
      • eDJ – no actual action on files in place as yet, just reports and export of files
    • Info Right Management – extended to support SP libraries and OneDrive content
      • eDJ – encryption covering new sources

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