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With so many of our global corporate clients moving to Office 365, I follow Microsoft announcements and releases closely. Buried in the SharePoint Server 2016 comments by Bill Baer, senior technical product manager, was the capability to perform “proximity scans” of SharePoint documents for PII, PHI and other query criteria to take actions. This functionality includes 51 “out of the box” templates for SSNs, CC #’s, etc. for Office 365 and on premise SharePoint implementations with the latest release pack. I fought to put this kind of ‘auto categorization’ functionality into enterprise archive products back in my own product management days. We saw little uptake because customers were not ready to ‘own’ classification and taxonomy. Maybe Microsoft has waited long enough for the customers to catch up to the technology. What is fascinating is how MS views this functionality as ‘eDiscovery’ vs. information governance. In the long run I believe that they are indeed one and the same thing, but we are talking decades down the road. MS has some very sharp people tackling eDiscovery in their legal department. That expertise may not have disseminated through the PM or PMM teams as yet. Maybe I am just being too picky. After all, the real solution to eDiscovery burden lies in the ESI lifecycle. 

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