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eDJ’s conversion back to full time consulting essentially took Mikki and myself off the conference circuit last year. Browning Marean’s open conversation format for the Today’s General Counsel Exchange has always been one of my favorites. I am glad that I found the time to make the event. It reminded me why all eDiscovery professionals need to fight for educational time and budget. I respect the event principal of ‘protected anonymity’ too much to attribute quotes, so consider the blurbs below my highlights. Day one kicks off with a round of introductions and ‘what am I looking for’ from ALL attendees. That’s right, you cannot hide in the back in this format. This intro session usually takes an hour and has some of the most interesting content from my perspective. The agenda rolled on and BYOD quickly derailed the IG session. Time for me to refresh my BYOD surveys and research.

Outtakes & Highlights:

  • Legal holds still the focus for corporate counsel. Now struggling to reconcile new challenges such as user privacy vs. BYOD enablement
  • The preservation and capture of social media, IM, voice and more finally hitting the radar
  • Cross border discovery needs clear rules. Global privacy laws and Cloud migrations have hidden risks
  • IT-Legal communication challenges. IT shutting out Legal from decision process. Risks around terminated custodians a particular pain point
  • Central IG-eD challenge is the proliferation of data sources and Cloud. Sources moving out of corporate control faster than policies and preservation/collection capabilities. eDJ  – IG is a marketing buzz word. It covers everything and nothing upstream of traditional, reactive discovery. Recycled KM, ILM, ECM, etc.
  • Pushing beyond defensible deletion of ROT to leverage new rules for ‘reasonable retention’ – expire everything that user’s do not categorize.
  • FRCP 26(d)(2) – “cooperation deficit disorder” – unintended impact for asymmetrical discovery could negate proportionality goals.
  • FABULOUS FRCP 37(e) decision tree by my good friend Eric Mandel.
  • New FRCP – Some found “not a lot to like” in the new some amendments, while other amendments “move the ball forward”. eDJ – do some webinars, articles or other research on new rules before the accelerated schedule catches you.
  • Increases in regulatory investigations. Some offices becoming savvy and pushy about fast productions. Others still need education and guidance from eDiscovery professionals.

These are just a few of my highlights. The moderators take live notes and circulate them to attendees after they are cleaned up. See what you missed? The event coincided with Houston’s b-Discovery social hour, so I managed a double dose of eDiscovery geekdom. Now that Mikki and myself are no longer being professional speakers, we have committed to allocate 2016 budget to rejoin the event world. Hope to see you there.

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