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You have heard my skepticism and concern about marketers in educational clothing. It is a nice change to call your attention to some solid reference material on eDiscovery developed for a formal, traditional law school program. Michael Arkfeld’s 3rd Edition now exceeds 1,700 pages (available in CD or through LexisNexis online). eDiscovery is a relatively young discipline and most courses, white papers or other resource materials are out of date before they are even published. Michael’s long term perspective tempers the usual overstatements made in the rush to ‘best practice’. His core reference book and four supplementary practice guides are a worthwhile investment for new practitioners and departments. Yes, Michael graciously sent me the latest release to review, but he took his chances on my somewhat acerbic feedback just like technology vendors who send me software to break. I could not find any discussion of the 2015 FRCP Amendments that will take effect at the end of the year, but we never really know how those will play out until argued before the bench anyway. As much as I shy away from spending educational budget on what are effectively ‘mail order certificates’, I will continue to recommend Arkfeld’s material to my corporate and law firm clients to help new personnel up to speed.

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