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I closed and uploaded our 2015 PC-TAR Adoption survey results to the site today. My analytics adoption research last year helped to push the 2014 survey participation (n=136). Even with a smaller participation (n=27) for the 2015 update survey you can see a 100%+ growth rate (graphs below) in participants who had actively used PC-TAR. That is a pretty incredible adoption surge rate. I would posit that this statistical surge is more about consumer awareness than an actual 100%+ increase in matters using analytics. Thanks to everyone who took the 2015 update survey and I have just uploaded a quick two question poll on matter management functions that you can take to get access to all raw survey results. That’s right folks, we don’t obfuscate the results by restricting access to the complete metrics, unlike the majority of ‘analysts’ and ‘education’ providers.

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