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After almost six months I have finally wrapped up my research report on analytic adoption in the eDiscovery and Information Governance markets. The report covers two surveys, twenty in depth interviews and focus briefings with eleven top technology providers. I started this research because I could not find any credible information that did not originate with or was sponsored by analytic providers. Most of my interviews went over an hour and revealed surprising resistance to reliance on machine-learning PC/TAR review systems.

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Greg Buckles can be reached at Greg@eDJGroupInc.com for offline comment, questions or consulting. His active research topics include analytics, mobile device discovery, the discovery impact of the cloud, Microsoft’s 2013 eDiscovery Center and multi-matter discovery. Recent consulting engagements include managing preservation during enterprise migrations, legacy tape eliminations, retention enablement and many more. Blog market perspectives are personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a professional judgment.

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