Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Barry Murphy. Published: 2013-03-21 05:00:14Format, images and links may no longer function correctly. In the research business, data is what makes the world spin.  Data helps eDJ Analysts advise clients, answer inquiries, identify trends, and write research reports.   Many of our reports utilize survey data that eDJ has accumulated.  We analyze the data, cross-reference it with our own experiences and anecdotes we hear from clients, and then draw our own conclusions.  Of course, the analysis extends beyond just survey data; we mix in anecdotes from clients and the experiences of our consulting team in order to have a full view of the current state, the desired state, and a map to get from the former to the latter.

Many clients have asked for the raw data from eDJ’s surveys and traditionally, we have held those data sets for our own analysis.  Recently though, we decided that making our data sets available to Platinum Research subscribers could actually extend the power of analysis.  After all, eDJ’s analysts will look at the data from many different angles, but not necessarily every single angle.  Rather than have clients have to ask us for custom cuts of the data, we want to be flexible and allow clients to analyze the data for themselves.

There are only two stipulations we have about others working with eDJ data:

  1. Any sourcing of this data is attributed to “eDiscoveryJournal’s Q1 2013 Defensible Deletion Survey” with a link back to http://www.ediscoverymatrix.com/research_report
  2. Any analysis or interpretations of this data are clearly the views of the author, and not of, or portrayed to be of, eDiscoveryJournal or eDJ Group.  For example, if someone were to analyze the data, they should not say, “eDiscoveryJournal claims X.”  Instead, they should say, “the data from eDiscoveryJournal seems to indicate X.”  Put simply, we cannot have anyone put words in our mouth.  But, we like the idea of clients extending the analysis and sharing thoughts that will move the industry forward.

Our first data set, from the Q1 2013 Defensible Deletion Survey, is now available for a la carte purchase or for download by Platinum research subscribers.  The survey had 455 respondents across many industries and organizations of all types and sizes.  If you would like to learn more about being a Platinum subscriber, please email Jason Velasco.

eDiscoveryJournal Contributor and Lead Analyst – Barry Murphy

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