Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Barry Murphy. Published: 2013-03-07 08:33:26  Are you ready for Predictive Coding?   Few topics have been as hyped over the last two years in the eDiscovery world.  So hyped, in fact, that the mere mention of Predictive Coding can be cringe-inducing.  Too often, the focus is on whether or not there is a case where Predictive Coding has been allowed or disallowed.  The back and forth of whether or not Predictive Coding is acceptable and defensible has made people weary, and understandably so.The weariness is unfortunate because Predictive Coding has arrived and it is time to embrace it, or at least to know when to embrace and when to eschew it.  In our recent Predictive Coding survey, half of the respondents reported having used predictive coding.  Only 22% answered that they had not used predictive coding, with the remainder currently considering usage.       That means that, by the end of 2013, Predictive Coding could have mainstream penetration into the market (assuming the usage of Predictive Coding is meaningful versus experimental – a topic for another day).  Therefore, we need the discussion around Predictive Coding to move away from the hype that causes people to cringe and more toward meaningful discussion that causes people to listen.  That is the goal behind the eDiscoveryJournal Boot Camps that we are running.  We cannot continue to simply dissect the case law around Predictive Coding (certainly, we need to keep track of it and understand it); rather, we need to be ready to practice Predictive Coding when it is right for a given case.  The Boot Camps will feature Judges sharing their perspectives on Predictive Coding and two pragmatic sessions on the inner workings of Predictive Coding and how to validate results.Currently, there are four Predictive Coding Boot Camps scheduled:

You can click on any of the above locations for a registration link.  Attendance is only $150 and the boot camps are CLE eligible. For more information, please contact marilyn@edjgroupinc.com.eDiscoveryJournal Contributor and eDJ Group Lead Analyst – Barry Murphy

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