Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Barry Murphy. Published: 2012-07-17 09:00:09  Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) stands to change the way traditional linear legal review functions in a significant way.  The fallout of this change will impact corporations, law firms, legal technology and service providers, and eDiscovery professionals everywhere.  What will that change look like?  There are plenty of ideas – fewer contract reviewers, more high-margin TAR specialists, greater reliance on managed services – but it is not clear just yet which path will be the road more traveled.What is clear is that change is inevitable.  The gravy train of legal review revenue created by the digital information explosion is over.  If TAR techniques like predictive coding can reduce the amount of data for review by upwards of half, which means that at least half of the review dollars that existed before no longer exists. The new reality is that corporations demand lower and more predictable eDiscovery costs.  TAR promises to help lower those costs, but how will TAR affect law firm relationships with clients?  What skills will be necessary to succeed as the market evolves?  What other innovations will arise from the use of advanced tools?These are questions that will be addressed throughout Q3 at a series of breakfast events run by The Cowen Group.  The Cowen Group’s events bring together some of the brightest and the best-known thought-leaders and up-and-coming players in a unique, relaxed forum in which to discuss the events, trends and business challenges that are shaping the future of the industry.  For Q3, these events will focus on how TAR will affect the legal industry and the practices of eDiscovery and information governance.  eDJ Group will have analysts at the breakfasts to capture the thoughts of these leading-edge practitioners and to report on the discussions via the eDiscovery Journal.The Q3 Leadership Breakfasts are currently full, but the breakfast series will continue (likely in a city near you) in Q4 with another timely topic of discussion.  For those not attending, be sure to read eDiscovery Journal for summaries of findings.  Because of the intimacy of these breakfast events, attendance is by invite-only.  If you would like to be considered for attendance and participation in future discussions, please contact TCG Events

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