Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Greg Buckles. Published: 2012-01-31 02:40:23  In case you could not make THE legal technology conference, LTNY 2012, I thought that I would bring the show to life for you. The eDJ Group’s day kicked off far too early with our eDJ Peer Group breakfast, but we had good attendance and great participation in the open discussion. The team then dove into analyst/press briefings on many (but not all) of the new product releases, which we will boil down for you in the days following the show. I decided to try to abandon my laptop and Moleskine notebook this time. I tried out every iPad note taking app I could pay for that promised to accurately recognize my sanscrit scrawl and render it into searchable text. Utter failure. For those of you from the early EDD days, remember the first generation of OCR programs and wince. That’s about how bad they are. To make it worse, I became obsessed with ditching the ever-present backpack or LTNY trash bag. So I actually shopped for an iPad ‘holster’ and bought an STM sleeve that promised to provide easy, safe storage without the ever present shoulder strap. However, my fashion faux-paux was quickly spotted by my kind team-mates who reminded me that I was wearing a geek man-purse.

click for the iPad 'Man Purse'

Enough self-deprecating humor and on to the show. I managed to tour most of the floors (only two this year) and I recorded some of marketing’s bold slogans for your enjoyment. See if you can guess the provider and the underlying messages in these common themes:

  • Platform/End-2-End/All-In-One
  • eDiscovery Made Easy
  • Power over Information
  • Cloud Connected
  • Powerful
  • Simple, Powerful, Precise
  • Powerful Coding Made Simple
  • Accelerated
  • Rock Solid, Turbo Charge Your Review
  • Transparent
  • See Clearly, Act Decisively (NO, this is not Recommind’s Decisiv booth)
  • Seamless
  • Balance Matters
  • Foundation of Trust
  • Defensible Disposal
  • Defensible Deletion
  • Reduce Risks
  • Targeting Your Risks
  • What is the Big Data Elephant in Your Legal Process?
  • Pay only for results
  • Rediscover eDiscovery
  • Rethink eDiscovery
  • Reinventing eDiscovery
  • Now Part of…

 As much fun as that was, there are some real trends buried in those banners.

  • eDiscovery is hard
  • eDiscovery is scary
  • eDiscovery needs to be fixed
  • Defendents feel helpless and confused
  • My eDiscovery provider may be bought soon

One of the best thoughts from the Peer Group went, “eDiscovery technology does not seem to age well.” This was in respond to our small survey where 80% of corporate respondents indicated that they were looking to replace an existing eDiscovery process/technology in the next 12 months. Our Peers may be a bit ahead of the market, but the first generation of point products are definitely losing in the fact of the new platforms with real workflow features.

Got to be another iPad drawing

LTNY gets prettier every year...

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