Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: . Published: 2012-01-23 10:30:32  I have spoken to many of our readers over the past several months and have received a great deal of feedback about the eDiscoveryJournal.  The readers appreciate the perspectives of  Greg, Barry, Mikki and I…and they want more.  Because eDJ analysts are working analysts – out in the field experiencing the real thing, we thought the best way to keep the content coming is to add some other independent perspectives.  With that in mind, I started a campaign to find new contributors to the eDiscoveryJournal site.  Today I’m proud to announce our newest group of contributors.Greg Harris has worked in eDiscovery and Computer Forensics for over four years and in the Information Security field for more than eight years.  In his current role, Greg works in the eDiscovery and Investigations department for a large corporation in Alpharetta, Georgia.  His duties span the full Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) including specializing in forensic preservation and analysis.  In his spare time, Greg develops software to automate routine tasks, and has recently submitted two software applications for patent consideration. Greg began his career as an Information Security Engineer in the healthcare industry and has also worked as an Engineer and Analyst in the Financial Services and Telecommunications industries.  Greg holds a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, a Master of Science in Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration.  He is an Access Data Certified Examiner (ACE) and a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE).  You can also visit Greg’s LinkedIn profile here.Lynn Frances has been writing about electronic discovery since 1999, when she began writing for DolphinSearch, one of the early concept search technology developers. Over the years, Lynn has produced a wide variety of marketing, technical and educational materials for eDiscovery service providers and professional organizations. She has also contributed to the design and usability of several eDiscovery review platforms and has developed online courses in electronic discovery. Ms. Frances founded eDiscovery Writer in 2008, so that she could offer her expertise to a wider range of clientele. Today, she works with a team of eDiscovery professionals to support the marketing and educational initiatives of companies across the industry. Lynn holds a Masters Degree in Education with a specialty in online education. Contact her at lynn@eDiscovery-Writer.com and visit her LinkedIn page here.Amber Scorah is a contributing editor to Legal IQ, an online community dedicated to providing members of the legal profession with up-to-date information on legal and regulatory issues. Legal IQ offers legal information resources such as podcasts and presentations, as well as events such as webinars, conferences and summits and is a premier information source for legal professionals of all levels of experience and areas of practice (www.legaliqonline.com).  Amber is a writer and podcast host who is very engaged in new media strategies including podcasts, video, articles, interviews, and social media.  She is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese and is a subject-area expert in Chinese culture.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn here.Welcome aboard Greg, Lynn, and Amber.  We are excited to get your perspectives on the eDiscovery and Information Governance space and sharing it with our readers.The eDiscoveryJournal will continue to add independent contributors with a depth of experience over the coming months.  To find out more about becoming a regular contributor on the eDiscoveryJournal, please click here

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