Migrated from eDJGroupInc.com. Author: Greg Buckles. Published: 2011-10-04 08:35:46  It has been a busy couple of weeks. The new eDJ Tech Matrix has been gaining steam, which has required lots of deep product dive sessions and new features to categorize. I thought that I should call out some interesting highlights:TotalDiscovery from BIA is now offering a subscription pricing for legal hold notification at $1/Custodian/Month. Yet another sign that eDiscovery is moving towards true cloud subscription licensing.Mitratech’s TeamConnect is also available on a Saas subscription model. It has been a while since I got to dig into their offerings and I was impressed by the customizable dashboards and sharp J2EE-based platform. I was pleased to see that they had already added the new L600 series UTMBS eDiscovery code set that was ratified by the LEDES Oversight Committee on July 13, 2011. The ongoing project is drafting expanded eDiscovery activity and expense codes, so I hope to hear of more legal billing systems incorporating the new codes.PureDiscovery’s visual clustering interface does a good job of navigating and relating the actual hierarchy of terms/phrases found within grouped documents. The “transparent semantic search” definitely hit a chord with me. The ability to instantly see and edit the actual Boolean search criteria that comprise a document cluster effectively translates the visualization to something that could be agreed upon and understood by the opposing parties.The venerable dtSearch continues to add new supported file types and to pursue their robust OEM market. With all the shake ups in the enterprise search market (HP-Autonomy acquisition), we expect that dtSearch and ISYS may get a boost as all the Oracle/Stellent Outside In licenses come up for renewal. I had not known that dtSearch could index MS Access database files (.MDB), but I wish that I had known that on a couple older cases involving a lot of engineers.LateralData’s Viewpoint has added internet collection from Gmail, Yahoo mail, Google Docs and Twitter to their eDiscovery platform. They require the user credentials to do the collection, but they have worked hard at full retrieval and preservation of context.Every eDJ Review session adds new application features to the eDJ Tech Matrix. These 10 deep dives added 10 features that are currently in peer review to make sure that they add value:

  • Budget Management
  • Iterative Legal Hold Notifications
  • Aggregate Legal Hold Reminders
  • Alert Management
  • Customizable GUI
  • Dynamic Data Map
  • Access Database Search
  • Freemail Collection
  • Social Media Collection
  • Document Comparison

As the eDJ Tech Matrix grows, we are investing in development of better navigation and ways to bring you more in depth content that is relevant and useful in your legal technology decisions.

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