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The Information governance (IG) topic is slowly evolving to the point of mainstream awareness thanks to high-profile data breaches, out-of-control litigation cost, and the simply astonishing growth in the volume of digital information and the cost to manage and store it.  Many refer to the IG market growing rapidly and evolving quickly, but in doing so, miss the point that IG is not a market or buying category; rather, it is a topic made up of sub-topics such as storage/archiving, eDiscovery, compliance and GRC, search, records management, and security.   As such, IG manifests in organizations as a program versus a specific solution.  This report examines why so many IG programs languish, lacking successful outcomes.

Perhaps IG is considered a “market” because of the perception that organizations actually buy IG solutions.  But, the truth is that organizations are not “buying IG.”  Instead, they are spending money on specific IG projects such as fileshare cleanup or email archiving.

Referring to IG as its own market reflects the current state of confusion and disarray around the topic.  While the hype builds around IG and the predictive analytics technologies that can help organizations that are drowning in a sea of information overload, the pragmatic truth on the ground is that a majority of IG programs are simply not working.  Not enough organizations truly grasp the impact that poor IG programs can have.  And, most are unable to get all the major stakeholders aligned and working as a team toward a unified goal.  Rather, there is more in-fighting than teamwork.  Click here to download this free eDJ report that illuminates why IG programs are falling short and offers some tips for getting these programs on the right track.

Barry Murphy can be reached at barry@eDJGroupInc.com for offline comments or questions. His active research topics include information governance, Predictive Coding, and the impact of social media on eDiscovery.  Barry’s latest research report is Why Information Governance Programs Do Not Work.

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