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The eDJ Corporate and Law Firm Peer Groups are communities of professionals practicing in the fields of information governance and eDiscovery.  The Peer Group is based on the foundation of learning through shared experience in a confidential environment.  That’s right – what happens in the Peer Group stays in the Peer Group.  eDJ Analysts moderate the group, share customized research, and then can report back on questions.    Analysts also have the chance to really listen to the issues on the minds of Peer Group members, take the pulse of the market, and then prioritize research based on the needs of in-the-trenches professionals.

We will be sharing abstracts of the Peer Group meeting notes so that you can see what kinds of issues and questions are coming up in these meetings.  The October meeting notes are available for free download now.  The Peer Groups meet periodically to discuss:

  • Successes, challenges and pain points
  • State of the industry
  • Market trends

Membership in the eDJ Peer Group is available to professionals practicing in the field of eDiscovery and information governance at corporations and law firms.  It is an exclusive group, with each member screened by eDJ’s analysts to ensure they will bring perspective to the group and add to the value of the discussion. Membership is not open to solution providers or their employees. If interested in applying for membership, please contact us.

Barry Murphy can be reached at barry@eDJGroupInc.com for offline comments or questions. His active research topics include information governance, Predictive Coding, and the impact of social media on eDiscovery.  Barry’s latest research report is Predictive Coding: What You Need To Know Now​.

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