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Last week presented me with not one, but two opportunities to shut up and listen as clients made unexpected strategic decisions. These won’t be the last times that clients deviate from ‘the plan’. After all, my job is to do the research and groundwork for them to make the final decision, not make it for them. Part of my process is to put myself in the client’s shoes to define priorities, requirements and impact factors. That makes me answer the classic, “What would you do if you were me?” question. For the half decade that eDJ functioned as market analysts, we refrained from answering that question and making actual recommendations on purchase decisions. Now that I am free to answer that question, it is all too easy to forget that no consultant or provider is privy to every change in corporate priorities, politics or budgets. Last week was a good reminder that my role demands detachment from the actual decision. These days I am becoming much more embedded supporting my favorite clients in long term eDiscovery projects. I like feeling part of the team again instead of just parachuting in to put out fires.

If you are reading between the blogs you might guess that some providers are less sanguine in response to unexpected client purchasing/strategic decisions. That is understandable when they have potential revenue on the line. It confirms my personal belief that consultancy and services/tech cannot be delivered by a single provider without creating an inherent bias. Any consultant who consistently advocates for the client and costs their company service/tech revenue will either be let go or face constant pressure. There are some fantastic experts employed by global eD providers. Most strive to solve client problems efficiently using their company’s blend of services/tech. If you are getting consulting for free, you are getting what you paid for – nothing. If you are paying your global service/tech provider for true strategic consulting, your consultant is probably wearing blinders.

Stay skeptical my friends!

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It is hunting season in Texas. This little fellow was mighty surprised to find me sitting in his tree enjoying the beautiful weather.


Glad to be enjoying the Houston weather and visiting our lovely Herman park gardens and conservatories.

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